MicrowavePhotography is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, where the backdrop is a beautiful mixture of mountains, forests, and city.

My interest in photography developed after watching my dad take photos when we were on vacations. Our family traveled a lot, and the photos were a great way to remember the places we went. In highschool, I took my first photography class as one of my electives and I was hooked! One of my early photographs, titled “Hummer in the Rain”, helped my photo club win an award in a local competition. I had a lot of fun volunteering my time to do event photography for UBC’s Science Frosh events several years in a row, and I had the privilege of being an official event photographer for the City of West Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics.

I love taking photos because it’s a way of capturing something that may not be seen, or moments that people want to remember.



I simply cannot praise J’s work highly enough – original, innovative, striking… J manages to explore tiny new realms of life, human nature and nature itself with every click of the shutter – the work is a feast for the mind as much as for the eyes. I have bought several photographs – for myself and for gifts and have been thrilled with every single one – the work and J’s professionalism with shipping come very highly recommended! — Emma, from the UK

J’s work captures wonderful snippets of everyday things in ways that make you look at them from a new viewpoint. The choice of colors and background as well as the precision of technique zeroes in on the heart of the object without it seeming staged. I purchased a photograph of a pair of chopsticks standing against a brilliant red background and I smile every time I look at it. — Michele, from Ohio