Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another beautiful city, steeped in history. We had 3 days in Prague and lived in a hotel that was fairly central. While we were living there, we went to the local grocery stores to buy fruit, chocolate croissants, and beer. We were walking distance, or bus distance to a lot of the typical tourist locations. We walked across the famed Charles Bridge, over to the Old Town Square and saw the intricate Astronomical Clock. There, they had some sort of festival, perhaps for Easter, and there were Easter eggs and ribbons hung from the trees.

We sampled a trdelnik, which some fellow travelers on our cruise had recommended. A trdelnik is a sort of bready pastry which wrapped around a rod and baked on a spit over a fire, then dipped in some sugar. They come off like a spiraly tube of delicious pastry. There are so many trdelnik vendors everywhere, and you can watch them being cooked right in front of you.

I was fascinated at the old architecture and doorknobs in particular. The buildings are so densely packed together, unlike what we see at home.