Mt Baker & Mt Shuksan, Washington

I was chatting with a friend about how I hadn’t taken photos for awhile and he suggested I go to Mount Baker. He described it as an almost, Pacific Northwest Lord of the Rings style place, and he said the hikes his family did were easy enough that his children could walk along the paths with him.

On a sunny October morning, we took a drive up to the Mount Baker Ski Hill area to see what this amazing place was that he was talking about. Sure enough, he was right. Lush greenery, some of the plants and leaves starting to change color, lent the place an otherworldly feel. It was chilly and crisp, with a light breeze dancing through our hair as we walked. We walked around the trails and took photos of Mount Baker and nearby Mount Shuksan which loomed majestically over greenish mossy fields and rich evergreen forests.

I spotted some ice formations on the ground that I decided to name “ice mushrooms”. Ice had pushed up out of the ground, displacing pebbles that balanced on top of the ice, looking like mushroom caps. We later learned, this phenomenon is called “ice needles”.